5. Digital transformation of the public sector

In general, more personalized, easier-to-use and more tailored services are demanded to our particular needs, and the demands of higher levels of safety and respect for the environment are increased. All of this requires major changes in the way public services are provided and the infrastructures that support it. Public administrations must innovate permanently. They must lead by example and be one of the engines of the digital transformation of the country. They must maintain their ongoing commitment to citizens and businesses to provide the best possible public services and drive collaboration with the private sector and social organizations to find solutions to new public service demands. This framework includes a commitment to transform the digital relationship with citizens and companies by modernizing the digital services provided by public administrations. This transformation process will be geared towards the following specific objectives:

  • Simplifying the relationship of citizens with public administrations
  • Customize digital public services. Towards a 360th Citizen model
  • Integration of all Administrations into the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector
  • Digitization of the services provided by the General Administration of the State in the territory
  • Updating the technological infrastructures of public administrations, moving towards consolidation, safety and respect for the environment
  • Promoting the digitization of public services and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the articulation and implementation of public policies


18. App Factory for the development of personalized services to citizens

19. Cross-platform accessibility of public services

20. Centralized Electronic Notification System (SCNE) and Registration Interconnection System (SIR)

21. Updating Public Sector Technology Infrastructures

22. Next Generation Workplace

23. Tractor projects for the digitization of public services

24. Improving the Regulatory Framework of Digital Administration

25. GobTechLab Innovation Laboratory