Public participation in draft legislation

The aim of this initiative is to gauge the opinion of citizens, organisations and associations at two separate stages of the process used to prepare draft bills, draft royal legislative decrees and draft legislation:


  1. Before the draft legislation is prepared
    • Prior public consultation
  2. Once the draft legislation has been prepared
    • Hearing and public information

The status of draft legislation can be accessed on the Transparency Portal, provided that the relevant formalities have been completed and the publication of the status on that portal is mandatory.

This process, which promotes participation in the drafting of legislation, is subject to the following regulations:

  • Article 133 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October (BOE-A-2015-10565), of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Authorities.
  • Article 26 of Act 50/1997, of 27 November (BOE-A-1997-25336), on the Government.

This point of access is provided in accordance with the provisions of Order PRE/1590/2016, of 3 October (BOE-A-2016-9121), publishing the Council of Ministers' Agreement of 30 September 2016, whereby directives are issued to approve the public participation in the process of drafting legislation via the internet portals of ministerial departments.​